Day 24 – Ponticelli to Monterotondo

I love Italian food. Has it made a bigger impact on world food than the French? I don’t know, but I sure am enjoying my lasagne tonight?

Today was a long walk at 29km. It continued in the vein of the walk so far; both natural and man-made beauty. It’s as if an architect sculptured out the landscape two thousand years ago and has carefully managed it since.

just so beautiful to walk through

I commented on breakfast yesterday, today 4 small pieces of round toast and a jar of home made apricot jam. Very tasty, but not the breakfast of a long distance pilgrim. A pistachio brioche addresses this when I get to town washed down with a good coffee.

On the positive side, the Agrtiturismo had some good beer to assist in recovery last night and spectacular views.

Grat beer the double malted

It brought me some sadness when I crossed the top of a hill after about 8km’s today and the broad expanse and civilisation of the Tiber Valley to Rome briefly same into view.

Views of mass civilisation in the Tiber Valley

A big thanks for the 39 great people that have supported fund raising alongside my walk. It will assist the Black Dog institute who are helping many families, corporate organisations and communities create awareness and support to deal with the pressures of life that have a terrible impact on our community.

If you have not donated yet – you may via this link.

The Walk to Monterotondo

I enjoyed the walk today as it passed into the Tiber Valley where farming became increasingly prevalent whilst being in harmony with the natural environment.

Castle Orsini


These flowers have followed me from Florence


Goats, Goats and more goats


Created for the Pilgrim’s I only once used one on the walk


Shortly thereafter I pass through Acquaviva and got my lunch – it was the best prosciutto crudo and pecorino pane I have had so far. Parked just by was a Fiat 500 – I love the old Fiat 500’s, there are so many of them around here and most possess what look like original number plates

Love there Fiat 500L in baby blue


Bit of rust though

The walk passed by yet another brilliant hilltop town – Montilibretti which was about half way along the walk. I ducked into a bar there and had a great Cappuccino whilst listening to old men passionately solve world problems.


The walk is heading towards the Macchia di Gattaceca Nature Reserve where I plan to have lunch by the 13th century watch tower.

Ruin just before the park – Shame – with arches like this – the building should be saved.


My lunch rest stop overlooking the 13th century watch tower

The walk through the reserve and surrounds is beautiful. But after 25 km it becomes a survival mission.  Tired feet mean I focus down and put in some faster km’s and for the first time I ran out of water 2km out of town.

It was great to get to Montorotondo – it is a sophistacted little town of 40,000 people and I get some shoes for my dinner in Rome tomorrow (cant wear the walking boots!)

Summarising the walk today – Italy is just not flat – nearly always going up or down.


And tomorrows Walk

33km’s to the Vatican in Rome. My last day…..

Betty, my friend from Verona tells me the walk can be extended all the way to Jerusalem. Maybe next year.



Ciao till tomorrow.

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  • Congrats Darren on getting the job almost done. Enjoy the sweet sadness of the last bit! Cheers

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