Day 22 – Rieti to Poggio San Lorenzo

After yesterday’ weather which was I’ll admit fun for a day, planning around weather for today was high on the list and there was good news. No rain forecast after 8am, 20kph winds but no rain.

Looking good and the forecast was on the money

Hotel Cavour was well situated in the city and I went for a walk through the old city before I left. Early Monday morning I quiet but it had a good feel and some intact Roman walls.

My room over looked old Rieti. Note the remains of the old Roman bridge 


Via Roma the main shopping street


Part of the old Cathedral

The Walk to Poggio San Lorenzo

The wall was easy largely following a river valley before climbing hills after about 10km’s. The autumn colours and clarity of the water in the streams are the 2 aspects I don’t tire of. But I prefer the hill walking, with the odd walled town or roman ruin.

Love walking through the falling leaves

Colours of Autumn

The main interest pint for me today is walking over the 3rd century Roman Bridge which is after 14.4km’s. This was to be my lunch spot. Ponte Sanbuco is one of 4 remaining bridges of the Roman Road Via Salaria. It ran from Rome (from Porta Salaria to Castrum Truentinum on the Adriatic, a distance of 242 km. The Via Salaria owes its name to the Latin word for “salt”, since it was the route by which the Sabines came to fetch salt from the marshes at the mouth of the Tiber, one of many ancient salt roads in Europe.

Ponte Sanbuco on Via Salaria

The bridge was overgrown with blackberries and I decide to move on for lunch. Italian Tourism has some work to do and money to spend to capitalise on their history.

Bridge is 1700 years old and a little overgrown


Tourism signage …


I went on for a few kilometres and found a great place for lunch in the sun and another Prosciutto, Pecorino and Pomodoro crusty roll.

Lunch time

The walk to Poggio San Lorenzo after lunch was beautiful as a selection of the photos show

A flock of sheep


There were being looked after by a shepherd and 3 big white sheep dogs


Sublime Forest walks


Love the managed forests

After 21 km I arrived at the turnoff to my accommodation; it’s 800m of steep descent and climb to get there but it is lovely. Nice being in the country again.


And the walk today in summary


Ending the day with a local brew – it was ‘ale’ style and a real treat

And tomorrows Walk

I walk to Ponticelli through orchards, farms and over some mountains, so it’s pretty steep. Good, will need to work off this enormous country dinner I had tonight (Fungi with tortellini and chicken stew with fresh salad which was delicious0.

And Don’t Forget the Good Cause

If you have been reading this and have not contributed then you only have a few days left.

In honour of the great work Black Dog institute are doing in helping many families, corporate organisations and communities create awareness and support to deal with the pressures of life, I am raising money for this important cause.

No amount is too small. Donate here.

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Ciao till tomorrow.

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