Day 16 – Campello Sul Clitunno to Spoleto

Today the official plan was to walk a casual 12km to Spoleto mainly along the valley floor. But last night Federica  suggested a different routing following the mountain sides, a little bit longer, a lot steeper but a lot more interesting. So off I went ….

But before I do, I just want to acknowledge the amazing dinner I had last night – Italian Tapas with the most amazing flavours from Vincanta Enobottega.


I was glad I changed plans, the walk went up through a lovely hamlet of Poreta, climbed steeply to Poreta Castle, before meandering to Spoleto along the mountain side through beautiful hamlets including Bazzono Superiore (has better phone coverage?), Bazzono Inferiore (now would you live there?), Santa Maria Reggiano and Eggi. It was a lovely walk through forests and olive groves and much more challenging with about 700m of climb.

I was looking forward to getting to Spoleto. Its an ancient town built on the Roman town of Spoletium and has a restored Roman Amphitheatre and pieces of roman walls. Its has a huge aqueduct that connects the town to Monteluco built in the 13th century which unfortunately got damaged in the recent earthquakes and we can no longer walk across it. It has a torrid history since it was founded by the Umbrians who walled the city in the 5th Century BC. It repelled Hanibal but suffered greatly during the war between Gaius Marius and Sulla around 100 BC.

My walk was 19km and a real treat.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 15.03.09.png

Walk to Spoleto

The walk started off passing through Olive groves and I could not help but look for wild asparagus, as I had it in the omelette last night (one of the tasting items)  and here we are. The aroma last night was wonderful. IMG_1052

The walk up to the castle passed through the beautiful hamlet of Poreto who believe in the EU by the looks of things.


The hamlet of Poreto was picturesque and tranquil


I loved Poreto castle – it was a steep climb to get there but worth it.  Its opens on Sunday and at nights as a restaurant now.


The upkeep must be a killer…


After the castle, I headed along the ridge for a few kilometres passing through forests and woods following the signage markers. I had a Skype call with Jack and he helped me find the Blue & Yellow Roma markers. But its always good to get confirmation we are on track.


My next target was Bazzono Superiore – up high on the hill above the lower part of the hamlet. It had an impressive church and excellent 4G coverage.


Santa Maria Regianno was a beautiful hamlet about half was along the route. It had amazing views over the valley and the walk down was invigorating.


The Bell Tower at Santa Maria Regianno


Views from the walk at Santa Maria


Shortly I caught sight of Eggi, a hit top town just before Spoleto.


The climb down was super steep through Olive groves on loose gravel tractor tracks, so any chance I got to find another track such as this one I did.






Its an affluent city with pricey designer shops – its only 130km by road from Rome. It is steep bottom to top so they have build this series off underground moving walkways. After a long walk it was welcomed. The journey takes 15 minutes.


I had lunch in a square opposite the Duomo and took in the warm sun. The Duomo is from the 12th century and has impressive frescoes inside it.


The frescoes are by Filippo Lippi who is also buried here.


I walk through the town finding the Roman theatre – but nothing compares to the Colosseum.


And tomorrows Walk

A big one … 2 sectors 31km’s to Arrone.

And Don’t Forget The Good Cause (so much support so far!)

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I have passed $4,000 – thanks to everyone.

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Ciao till tomorrow.


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