September 26, 2017

Photo Highlights


What a beautiful town, protected for centuries. It is a must visit Italian town

Getting out early is the best way to see Assisi before the buses arrive. Its history is based on conflict and religion.

Assisi’s beginnings go back to the Etruscan stage and was a flourishing Roman municipality under the name Asisium. Rufino, the first bishop of Assisi and shortly to be their first christian martyr introduced Christianity here in the 3rd century AD. After that with the fall of the Roman Empire, things got a bit wild for a few centuries.

Assisi was raised by Totila and the Goths in 545 A.D. recaptured by the Byzantines and then conquered by the Lombards. It was under the rule of Spoleto for a long period until it was independent again in the 11th and 12th centuries. In then fell to Barbarossa during the period that St Francis and St Clare were born here. Other administrators across the period include the Perugians, the Viscontis, the Montefeltros … it goes on.

Enjoy Assis today…

Photos from 2010 Florence Trip

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